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Uwatec®NeverLost is a personal diving instrument that allows a diver to determine the direction and calculate the distance to the boat or other point from which the dive originates. All direction calculations are computer controlled in real time and displayed to the diver by way of an easy to read LCD. Distance information is computer calculated and displayed on the same LCD, on demand. This information further improves diver safety, and allows for a more relaxed return to the entry point. The Uwatec® NeverLost consists of two instruments; a stationery "home" instrument that-s placed in the water at the entry point and a roving "diver" instrument, that is carried by the diver. The Uwatec® NeverLost utilises a patented algorithm that controls the relaying of coded ultrasonic signals between the two devices, while simultaneously performing all direction and distance calculations. With an operating distance of up to 300 meters (1000 ft) the Uwatec® NeverLost is suitable for most open water diving applications. The ultrasonic signals cannot be heard by divers and should not interfere with sealife. Uwatec® NeverLost is ideal for both the individual diver or large dive boat operator, with the capacity for up to 30 receivers to be linked with an individual home instrument. Uwatec® NeverLost is compact and easily carried in a dive bag. The diver instrument is equipped with a lanyard and fits snugly into a BCD pocket. The home instrument contains a strong line for easy attachment to the boat, anchor line or other underwater structure. The instruments can be purchased together or separately to meet the needs of the individual diver or charter operator. Uwatec® NeverLost features: Diver Instrument Automated self test performed at power on Single button control for ease of use LCD with large, easy to read characters Direction indicator display Proximity indicator displays distance in 1 metre or 1 ft increments Battery status display Channel selection display Scanning function identifies channels "in use" at dive location Operational range 300 metres (1,000 ft) from home instrument Imperial/Metric display is user selectable during dive Channel settings and Imperial/Metric selection is maintained in permanent memory Battery meter displays remaining battery life in 20%increments Electronic filtering minimizes environmental interference Narrow beam transducer provides sensitive recognition of homing signal User replaceable AA batteries Sleep mode conserves battery power when not in use Compact and fits in BCD pocket Heavy rubber grip to allow secure handling Adjustable lanyard to allow wrist or BCD attachment Home Instrument Attachable to boat, anchor line, dive flag or other object at the homing location Integrated hook allows weighting to resist currents Integrated hook allows positive buoyancy when attached to an object on the bottom Four user selectable channels avoids conflict with transponders on other boats Capacity for up to 30 diver instruments per transponder Engineering grade materials provide rugged impact resistant construction Signal transmission cannot be heard by humans and should not be harmful to marine life Home instrument projects a powerful omni-directional signal Scanning function identifies channels in use at dive location Wide coverage area of 300 metres (1,000 ft) radius User replaceable standard C Cell batteries.

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